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Rita Ranch Pet Hospital is a group of veterinary professionals who honor the Human-Animal Bond by offering compassionate, progressive medical care for pets. We educate our clients on veterinary care so they can make informed decisions.

We hope our beautiful setting, warm friendly atmosphere and team approach will make you and your pet feel right at home.

vets in Vail Tucson vet veterinarian Vail pet clinic Tucson

The dangers of “Doctor Google”

The internet has become an invaluable source of information in our daily lives. As such, it is understandable that people often use it to learn more about their pet’s behavior and health. There are many reputable websites that can help people to better care for their pets. Unfortunately, there are also many websites with useless or even dangerous misinformation. Anyone can post information online and call themselves an expert, and there is no easy way to determine their motives or their qualifications. In addition, the importance of an actual physical exam cannot be overstated. Many, many conditions LOOK alike and an accurate diagnosis will depend on history, exam, and diagnostic testing as well as experience of the attending veterinarian. It is for the pet’s safety that veterinarians will require a physical exam to be sure we ‘do no harm’ as the veterinary oath requires. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, this is the time to do some online research. Again, it is important to go to reputable veterinary sites to get the best information. Rita Ranch Pet Hospital has a RESOURCES page with links to many great sites with information on anything from pet foods to behavior to medical conditions. These are a great starting place, and feel free to ask us for additional websites during your visit!